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Our Clients

" Every client big or small has added a new dimension to our services and expertise. Though we’ve listed here some of the top names who chose to find their leaders through us, we’re certainly looking forward to starting new relationships. So if you have a requirement, just send us an email or better still, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We’d most certainly like to strike up a new conversation.

How we work:
  • Qualifying a client’s requirement thoroughly – we make sure we understand your brief, inside out
  • Finding out what a client wants AND what they don’t want
  • Advise on market conditions prior to finding the perfect candidate
  • We always prefer to meet clients face to face so we can build up a genuine business relationship (it also gives us an insight into the kind of environment you work in and the work ethic you choose)
  • We will not send a CV to you before we have spoken to a candidate to ensure they are suitable and interested in your job – we only send CVs that match your job description
  • We question candidates on the specific technical requirements and their experience
  • The client’s timescales are also our timescales and we can offer advice on interviewing
  • Once a decision is made we do not not see our job as done, we continue to support both client and candidate until we are sure both parties are happy and this includes a fair refund policy

We know each time our clients recruit they contact us first, making sure they continue to do so is our priority. We can only do this by continuing to supply great candidates on time, every time."